business to business consultation & speaking

Dani Klein-Williams, owner and lead photographer of the award winning dani. fine photography & image studio now offers business to business consultations. As a graduate from the renowned Hallmark Institute of Photography and over 15 years of experience Dani has an exceptional business savvy. The dfp studio has been published extensively and won numerous awards, most recently the Knot’s Hall of Fame Best of Wedding Photographers (five years running) The Valley Advocate’s Best of the Valley (2 years running), Business West’s winner of the Top 40 under Forty as well as Two Bright Light’s Editor’s Choice Award for having been in the top 5% of most published photographers (four years running). Dani has given insightful presentations on many topics related to business such as branding, strategy, scaling, sales and marketing among others. Most recently she was invited to speak at an invite only event for the premiere wedding resource, the Knot and additionally was an educator at the esteemed Inspire Photo Retreat conference. Dani is currently working on her first book Real Sexy Photography, the Art and Business of Boudoir due out Spring 2016.

 If you are interested in having Dani speak at your next conference, gathering or summit, get in touch. Additionally if you are interested in expanding, rebranding or simply strategizing on how to make your business more profitable, contact us today about scheduling your own business to business consutlation.




·      Entrepreneurial coaching

·      Overall assessment of business, business plan and current profit margin

·      Actionable Goal setting

·      Image, brand and identity diagnostic and/or creation

·      Brand Brainstorming

·      Career Advisory

·      Refinement of business strategy

·      Portfolio Development

·      Identification of primary and secondary markets

·      Development of new marketing strategies, annual marketing plan

·      Product Feedback




"We just want to thank you for all of your help yesterday!  It was such a pleasure to sit with Dani and Megan and really dive into our business strategy.  It was a very relaxed setting and there was never a feel of being attacked for the way we currently run things.  Dani and Megan took time to describe in detail how they operate and then to relate it to the things that we do now.  They were able to help us create a formula to figure out what we need to be making on a personal level but also what the studio should be making as a whole.  Once we laid out that information, the next question was "how do we make that work?".   Dani and Megan went into a lot of detail with suggestions on things to update, things to change, things to grow towards.  They were willing to answer any questions and helped us relate the suggestions they were making directly to our customers and our business.  They are even willing to come to our studio to see our layout and our flow to help us even more.  It was a great growing point for us and we walked away feeling very motivated and very driven to take even the smallest suggestion and blend it into our studio world.  We have already begun implementing some of the new strategies and it hasn't even been 24 hours since our meeting.  Thank you both again for taking your time to share the great ideas and knowledge that you have!!"


-Jenna Medina & Jackie Slatton

MamaRazzi Photography


"When I made my appointment with Dani I was so excited to hear what she had to offer. I went in very open minded not really having expectations. The hour I spent with her was life changing. Her knowledge and the things that just came to her about my business during our visit were well beyond what I even imagined. I always knew I wanted to take my business to the next level but honestly didn't know where to begin.  She had a plan for me from the first meeting. I look forward to working with her to make all these ideas reality. Making the appointment with her was the first step in the right direction."


-Kelly Barret Ross

Kelly Ross Photography


"I recently had a business to business marketing consultation with Dani,owner of Dani. Fine Photography, and WOW! I can honestly say the advice that she gave me will definitely help me to grow my business. She listened to everything I had to say,took notes and gave practical, honest advice that I will easily be able to put into practice. Going ahead and having this meeting with Dani was the best business decision I have made so far. She gave me ideas that I would not have thought of on my own. I highly recommend meeting with her, no matter what stage your business is in,you won’t regret it!'"

- Leah Gallo

Gallo Imaging