Dani graduated from Hallmark Institute of Photography in 1999 and a year later with a sense of determination and little more than a dream, decided to start her own photography studio. Since then, she has been capturing romantic moments, sassy boudoir poses and delivering polished results on various commercial projects.  Approachable, captivating and heartfelt, Dani strives to exceed expectations with each and every client she meets. While the studio offers all types of photography, Dani primarily focuses on weddings, commercial work and boudoir photography.  In recent years, she has additionally expanded her professional scope through speaking engagements and business consultations focusing on a variety of topics from branding to business strategy, sales and client relations amongst many others.  Her most recent speaking engagements at the Inspire conference and the Knot allowed her to synthesize key elements in regard to the art and business of photography. Ultimately, this lead to a book deal, The Art and Business of Boudoir Photography. In her spare time Dani enjoys exploring the best parts of life  with her husband (and co owner of the studio) Keith, their two playful children Jax and Elia and a lovable dog named Teela.